Texts studied in the workshops familiarize students with the ideas and terminology of perennial questions in intellectual history & their modern day manifestation -especially as it relates to the relationship between science, philosophy, and religion.
Here’s what our students have to say about us!
Saadia Chaudhry
Student | Rutgers University
“This workshop seems like a social experiment. It’s quite interesting. The knowledge that this workshop has given...”
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Kamil Jamil
Student | Emory University
“This series of workshops has changed the way I look at religion, science, and the relationship between the self and the other...”
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Bilal Khalid
Student | Purdue University
“The workshop gave me the terminology and the clarity of thought to realize that all my life I had been trying to suppress."perplexity"...”
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Ahmad bin Arshad
Student | PIEAS
“This workshop is extremely necessary considering the effects of the conflict between religion, science, and philosophy...”
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Ezzahraoui Oumaima
“Before attending the workshop, I thought that discussion would be on the direct relationship between science and religion...”
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